2005 Maric College Southern, California    720 hours-  Massage Certification

Valerie earned her massage education in 2005 from Maric College of Southern California. Upon receiving her massage license she began her journey at a quaint day spa in Arcadia, California.  Valerie combined her clinical understanding of massage therapy with the spa’s holistic perspective studying Eastern-influenced techniques such as Shiatsu, Tui Na (a soothing, rhythmic massage meaning “to push and pull”), Thai stretching, and acupressure.

In 2012 Valerie continued her massage career with a move to Minneapolis, Minnesota working for a first-class hotel spa in a sophisticated atmosphere catering to a large clientele of bridal parties and celebrities. It was all very extravagant, but after many years in the spa industry Valerie decided she wanted to offer her massage services in a therapeutic setting helping clients who were recovering from serious injuries.  In 2016, Valerie took a position at a Chiropractic clinic in South Minneapolis treating patients with extreme physical trauma and chronic health issues.  Observing the progress in her clients’ mobility and frequent treatments, Valerie understood the benefits of tailoring each massage to better suit individual needs.  Present day Florida, Valerie has combined her experience with focus in relaxation massage and therapeutic pressure to give the best results possible.  Valerie targets specific muscle groups to help ease deep tension while still providing a relaxing massage. She will often switch from one massage modality to another within the same service. Valerie believes the combination of Shiatsu, Tui Na, Thai, Deep Tissue, and Relaxation will help achieve maximum benefits. Her unique approach to massage therapy will help you feel better for many days.